About Malaysian Association of Canada

Objectives of Association (excerpt from Constitution)

  1. The Malaysian Association of Canada (MAC) shall be a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization;

  2. The objectives of MAC are to bring together Malaysians, Malaysian residents in Canada and Canadians through educational, social, cultural and economic activities, and to promote the interests of its members and to foster Malaysia/Canada understanding and co-operation and include:

    • Disseminating information among members;

    • Participating in activities relating to exploring educational, social, cultural and economic collaboration, opportunities and promotions organized by Canada and other relevant Canadian organizations and authorities;

    • Organizing meeting between its members and the relevant organizations and authorities of Canada on social, cultural and economic matters;

    • Co-operating with local and national authorities to seek Members’ feedback on laws, regulations and procedures relevant to enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of Canadian collaborative undertakings;

    • Through the Executive Committee of the MAC, submitting petitions and suggestions to Canadian authorities in order to protect legitimate interest of its members and to contribute to the creation of a co-operative environment;

    • Publishing and distributing news bulletin in accordance with the Law on Publication of Canada.

    • Promoting business ties between Malaysia and Canada for the mutual benefit of members and their Canadian counterparts.

  3. In addition, the primary activities of MAC will include:

    • Arranging functions amongst its members, with the members of other associations, both foreign and domestic, Canadian authorities and with Malaysian educational, social, cultural and economic delegations visiting Canada;

    • Promoting educational, social, cultural and economic activities for its members;

    • Organizing seminars and dialogues on relevant educational, social, cultural and economic topics of interests to members;

    • Creating and maintaining a good general Malaysian image, and protecting the reputation and standing of Malaysia as a whole among citizens of Canada;

    • Raising funds through various lawful means, to meet the operational costs of MAC;

    • Supporting appropriate charitable/educational/social/cultural/economic organizations;

    • Undertaking such other activities as may from time to time be permitted under the laws of Canada.

We offer a place for fellow Malaysians and friends in the Greater Toronto Area to meet and “cakap, cakap” (chat) about old times and get together to “makan” (eat) all the delicious Malaysian food that we miss so much! Our association organizes events such as Summer Picnic, Festival functions and informal gatherings so that our members can meet regularly. We also organize sporting events like the Annual Golf Tournament and weekly Badminton weekly sessions to keep our members active physically!

Please feel free to browse around our website. For Newcomers to Ontario, we have collected many useful information and links to help you settle here. For the general public, we have information about Malaysia in general and link to the Tourism Malaysia website. For all our members, we regularly update our website to inform of our upcoming events and we have collected photographs from our past events in the Gallery for your viewing.

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