Jom Jaga Malaysia Panel Discussion

Malaysia is in dire need of your help right now. With more than 20,000 cases daily and a 7-day average death of 260+, the 3rd wave of COVID (Delta variant) has severely affected the small nation. Many have been out of work for months.
Due to the extreme prolonged financial hardship faced, those who rely on daily wages have unable to afford basic necessities (e.g. groceries, baby food). Many have also been left homeless on the streets, scourging garbage for food.
Malaysians In Canada have come together to raise funds to purchase groceries and essential supplies for families who have passed the threshold of extreme hardship with no ability to feed their children or themselves. Every cent collected from this donation will go towards families and individuals who need the most support. Donate here:
In this panel discussion, we have invited William Cheah from Kembara Kitchen, founder of one of the organizations in Malaysia that this fundraiser is supporting, Christine Leong and Win Shi Wong from Malaysian Association of Canada, and Rosalyn Das, admin of Malaysians in Toronto group to discuss this initiative and their experience dealing this pandemic.
When: Sunday, Aug 29, 9Am EDT

Who is Dr. Lawrence Loh, Peel Region’s top doctor? On May 2, Toronto Star named Dr. Loh as “The Man who took on Amazon, closed schools and defied expectations.”

Dr. Loh’s parents hail from Malaysia. He spent some years in Malaysia for school and college, before returning to Canada. Get to know Dr. Loh as he shares about his Malaysian heritage, hobbies, perspective on anti-Asian racism and hopes and dreams post-pandemic.